Bertin Environics

Environmental technology

Bertin Environics is a Finnish company with over 35 years of experience from improving CBRN safety around the world with its in-house technologies and system solutions. We provide early warning chemical, biological and radiation detection & monitoring system for wide variety of application ranging from personal safety and building protection to naval vessels and armoured vehicles. Foundation of our solutions lies in long experience and expertise and it’s built from COTS products with new scalable system architecture.

Eezy Siqni Oy has awarded Lyyti with the Future Workplaces certificate in 2024.

Future Workplaces is a certification granted to workplaces, where company culture is led with exceptional employee insight. The tool used for the certification is the Siqni Survey, which is carried out among all employees to find out how the company’s own employees feel about the issues that are most important to them in their daily work

Year 2024

Turnover 14,5 MEUR
Growth 51 %
Number of employees 60

Year 2023

Turnover 14,6 MEUR
Growth 53 %
Number of employees 54